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Fast Food & Delivery Management :
A smoother order-taking process to create new opportunities

Integrating calls received by your users with your POS means that orders can be taken with a smooth & efficient process

Optimized order taking

Identifying a caller (and their order history and delivery address) results in a smoother ordering process, enabling call peaks to be managed more effectively, while errors entering phone numbers are eliminated.

Combining a personalized greeting

Enabling callers to be identified means providing your users with the ability to give a personalized greeting, helping them to build customer loyalty.

And upselling opportunities

Identifying customers helps to instill confidence and form closer customer relationships, while knowing a customer’s history helps you to suggest relevant, additional sales.

With Popcall, your users save time right when they need it most !

How it works

1. The capture device

Our capture device detects an incoming call and send it to our server

2. Dispatch API

Our server processes the call and uses a webhook to transmit it to your API

3. Client pop-up

You verify whether the incoming phone number matches a customer and notify your user


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