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76% of European restaurants take the majority of their bookings over the phone.

By integrating calls received by your users into your ERP system, you show them that you share their aims to achieve excellence and efficiency.

A five-star service

Enabling callers to be identified means providing your users with the ability to give a personalized greeting, helping them to build customer loyalty.

Save time with every call

No need to re-enter details or search for the customer who is calling; bookings can be completed in just three clicks. New customers’ telephone numbers are automatically entered into the system without any errors.

Another way to fight back against no-shows

Has the customer who is calling previously no-showed? The restaurant is notified before even picking up the phone!

Missed calls = opportunities

Someone try to reach the restaurant when it was closed? The restaurant staff can acces a full record of all calls received, and can call customers back in order to take their bookings.

How it works

1. The capture device

Our capture device detects an incoming call and send it to our server

2. Dispatch API

Our server processes the call and uses a webhook to transmit it to your API

3. Client pop-up

You verify whether the incoming phone number matches a customer and notify your user


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You are free to define your own pricing for this feature with your customers. We can handle all the logistics and implementation.

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