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Salons & Spas :
A new step in the digitalization of the sector

Help salons and spas to go digital :
Allow them to identify their customer when they call.

Enhanced loyalty when taking appointments

Each time a call is received, your users identify the caller, know when the caller last visited the salon, who their regular stylist is, and which services they usually choose.


They can greet the customer personally from the second call onward, which helps build customer loyalty.

Saving time with each call

No need to enter the customer’s details or look them up with every call: appointments can be managed with just three clicks. New customers’ phone numbers are automatically entered without any errors.

What if the phone rings during an appointment?

Not a problem for your users: they can choose to let it ring and call customers who have attempted to reach them back between their appointments.

Digitalize the leading channel for making appointments in the beauty industry

How it works

1. The capture device

Our capture device detects an incoming call and send it to our server

2. Dispatch API

Our server processes the call and uses a webhook to transmit it to your API

3. Client pop-up

You verify whether the incoming phone number matches a customer and notify your user


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You are free to define your own pricing for this feature with your customers. We can handle all the logistics and implementation.

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