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Combine productivity AND quality of service

Appointment Scheduling, servicing and maintenance, CRM and after sales: give your users the tools to boost their productivity and their quality of service.

Always one step ahead

Your users always have the upper hand: by identifying who is calling them, they can anticipate customers’ requests and respond accordingly.

Save time with every call

No need to search for the customer who is calling; requests can be dealt with in just a few clicks.

Personalized service

Customers who are recognized feel that they are taken seriously: offering a personalized greeting to customers strengthens customer relationship with every call.

Offer a true multi-channel experience with Popcall

How it works

1. The capture device

Our capture device detects an incoming call and send it to our server

2. Dispatch API

Our server processes the call and uses a webhook to transmit it to your API

3. Client pop-up

You verify whether the incoming phone number matches a customer and notify your user


Would you like to offer an innovative feature that makes a difference in the working lives of your users on à daily basis ? If so, become a partner!

You are free to define your own pricing for this feature with your customers. We can handle all the logistics and implementation.

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