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Doctors & medical secretary
Humanizing interactions between medical practice and patients.

For medical secretary:

With each call, your receptionist knows whether the call is coming from one of the practice’s patients or from an outsider.

If the call comes from a patient, the patient’s records and upcoming appointments will be displayed, meaning that an appointment can be made or changed with just a few clicks.

Your secretary’s time spent on the phone is optimized while improving the relationships with patients. The result: call peaks are managed more effectively leaving more time to greet patients and deal with them when they come in.

For practitioners who work alone:

Calls can be handled more quickly:
Physicians can access the patient’s records before picking up the phone.

No need to interrupt consultations any more:
All calls are shown in the call history, meaning that physicians can manage calls between consultations.

Filtering and prioritization:
Due to the caller ID, physicians can assess the urgency of the call and can also identify and filter any abusive callers.

With Popcall, your users will enjoy productivity gains and share the benefits with their patients!

How it works

1. The capture device

Our capture device detects an incoming call and send it to our server

2. Dispatch API

Our server processes the call and uses a webhook to transmit it to your API

3. Client pop-up

You verify whether the incoming phone number matches a customer and notify your user


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