How it works

1 - Our sensor

No matter what kind of telephony system your users work with, our patented sensor will allow you to detect all their incoming calls.

2 - Capturing who is calling

Once our sensors are connected, they will detect all incoming calls received by your users, encrypt them and send them to our server.

3 - Receiving the data

Our server centralizes all the calls received by our sensors and distributes them to your API with a webhook or directly on your users browser thanks to a SSE event.

4 - Notify your user

With every call a notification appears instantly on your solution. Your user can now identify who is calling, welcome its clients with a personalized greeting and deal with their demands in no time.

The Popcall integration went very smoothly. From our stack (browser interface and mobile app), we decided to integrate via webhook.

Onboarding is automated and allows us to monitor the setup and billing of our clients.

We have not had any problems post-integration and very little support has been needed from our teams.


Julien Balmont

CTO, Zenchef

En savoir plus

N’hésitez pas à nous contacter pour obtenir notre documentation technique (API etc.)

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Client Onboarding

1 - Marketing

Set the price at which you want to sell your call display solution and start offering it to your clients and prospects.

2 - Onboarding

We take care of all the logistics and setup process with your client.

3 - Billing

You retain control over billing for your current client base and we bill you for all of the completed installations and current subscriptions.

4 - Customer Service

You handle simple requests and we take care of more complicated issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing is not published on our website so that all our partners can set their own rates. We will be happy to provide you with a rate card: contact us to learn more.

You can indeed opt for white label distribution, which means that the capture device and its packaging will be customized for your solution.

This option is subject to a minimum required order volume.

Popcall does not store any personal data; we do not know who the caller is, nor whom they are calling. Accordingly, the GDPR does not have any impact on Popcall solution.

We specifically choose to make our devices in France so that we can respond to orders as quickly as possible, while ensuring that we optimize product quality. Each capture device is tested before it is shipped.

The call data that passes through Popcall may be sensitive, and it is for this reason that the information is encrypted from end-to-end, at each stage in the process from the initial capture via the hardware until it is sent to your API.

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