Our Story

Popcall was founded in 2018 from what was the fisrt product of Oligo : an app to manage restaurant reservation.

Oligo sold this first product and decided to concentrate on what it saw as its strength and what set it apart: its technology for giving small businesses a call display solution.

Our Mission

Develop a universal, handy & easy to setup
call display solution

The company then surrounded itself with internet, IoT, and telecom experts to shape and industrialize its now patented technology.

Assembled and programmed in France, Popcall products are now used in nearly 300 companies in France and Europe after just one year in business.

The company continues to work towards its objective of conquering new market sectors and expanding its area of operations while always striving to improve its solution.

Key Dates

Beginning of the Popcall adventure

Prototyping and patent filed

First installations

10 prototypes put into service

Launch with Zenchef

Leader in the restaurant sector

Launch with Ikosoft

Leader in the salon sector

1 M calls managed

More than 300 clients

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Make call display a new source of revenue and customer satisfaction.

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