Zenchef case study

Zenchef, with 4,000 clients and 50 employees, leads the reservation management software sector for the restaurant industry.

As part of its constant quest for innovation, Zenchef decided to integrate and market Popcall with its product.

Phone is the primary reservation channel for restaurateurs and Popcall was offering us a great and elegant way to integrate it in our software

We quickly saw the potential for our users, both in terms of productivity and customer experience.

Our objective was to differentiate us from our competitors while increasing our recurring revenue—and today we have done just that!


Xavier Zeitoun

CEO, Zenchef

The Popcall integration went very smoothly. From our stack (browser interface and mobile app), we decided to integrate via webhook.

Onboarding is automated and allows us to monitor the setup and billing of our clients.

We have not had any problems post-integration and very little support has been needed from our teams.


Julien Balmont

CTO, Zenchef

Popcall is a great product for our sales team. It creates an instant wow factor during our demos. Our users can naturally see themselves using it

It is also a true distinguishing factor that has helped us stand out with many sales.

Best of all, we generate + 10% in MRR for each client that subscribes to Popcall, which is pretty significant!

After one very successful year of partnership, we decided to make Popcall part of any deal we close.


Thomas Zeitoun

VP Sales, Zenchef




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